About Me

My name is McKayla Vanderpool; I am a mother of three wonderful children; doula, and student midwife. My journey into the birth world started with the pregnancy of my first, about 6 years ago now. The moment I found out that I was pregnant; I was a whirlwind of happiness, fright, intrigue, and just about every other emotion you could possibly add in there. I started to dig into birth education and ask all the questions I could think of. For my first birth I opted to have hospital birth with a midwife. My second a had a very successful home birth and loved every part of it. My third baby I decided to take my prenatal care into my own hands and have my baby "unassisted", only  to be assisted by my husband, mother, and sister.

Birth is such a joy to me. I believe it is empowering, beautiful, and transformative. For myself, it shaped me in a whole new way. Yes, both figuratively and literally. I am deeply passionate about helping every pregnant mother get the birth she desires, no matter what that looks like. It's your birth; you deserve it your way!


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